11 March 2010

Journal Cancellation Review 2010

We are reviewing the library's journal subscriptions in anticipation of a $200,000 (approximately 9%) budget reduction for FY11. This is the first systematic, across-the-board journal review that the library has undertaken since 2003. The review will include any materials or services for which we are billed on an annual basis: journals, magazines, newspapers, monographic series, abstracting and indexing services, reference resources, microfilm, and government documents.

We have attempted to minimize the impact of these cancellations by targeting journals we receive from multiple sources. These might include journal archives such as JSTOR or databases like Academic Search Complete. Maintaining balanced support for subject areas has also been considered in identifying titles, especially in the case of smaller or newer academic programs.

We have specifically targeted low use journals (fewer than 5 uses per year, averaged over three years) or those with a high cost-per-use (over $100 per use); for such titles, it is less costly for the library to meet patron needs through interlibrary loan. Exceptions have been made for journals supporting courses taught every 2 or 3 years for which there is no other online access; for titles lacking sufficient use data; for titles with high quality images that aren't available in other sources; and for those journals where the available use data is inconclusive.

In order to make the best choices that will meet our budget reduction requirements while preserving essential resources, we want to give all faculty members the opportunity to review the titles being considered for cancellation. The journal cancellation title list includes journals (both print and electronic) that were selected by the subject librarians responsible for each subject area. The list includes data on cost and cost-per-use (when available), and on the availability of alternative means of access to articles. There are fewer science titles on the list because these journals have been managed using the cost per use criteria for the past two years providing $65,000 in savings over two years.

We invite substantive comments that you have regarding the titles that have been identified for cancellation.

The faculty comment period is March 10 to April 2, 2010

Review the list of journals identified for cancellation here.

Please send your comments about specific titles to the library collections subject specialist for your department; for questions about the process or general comments contact Steve Smith.

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